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Cologne: The Carnival City on the Rhine

There are many reasons to visit Cologne, whether it’s for business or pleasure. The famous revelry that floods the streets during Carnival is the city’s biggest draw for tourists, but there’s plenty more to see and do in this spectacular Rhineland community. History, culture and a great social scene – Cologne has it all.


You’ve never been to Carnival? You should. It’s one of the largest street parties in Europe, Germany’s answer to Mardi Gras. The Thursday before Ash Wednesday there will be over a million people in the streets, drinking and celebrating, and the atmosphere is incredible. There’s always a hint of determination – Cologne refuses to be outdone by its traditional Carnival rival Düsseldorf – but at heart it’s all about having a good time. Locals don’t call the run-up to Ash Wednesday the “Crazy days” for nothing! Trust us: You really don’t want to miss this. Don’t worry if your friends can’t make it, either, because Krypton Escort Service is now operating in Cologne and one of our ladies makes the perfect companion. What could be better than having an attractive, fun partner to show you all the best places to go?

Krypton Escort Service is a fresh, fun Berlin-based escort agency with a special twist; all our escorts are students, and we work with only the smartest and best. All our ladies are charming, highly educated, sophisticated and glamorous; they’re the ideal companion for a fun day out, an intimate dinner or practically any other activity you can think of. These college girls really are a class act, and they’ll be more than happy to show you the many delights of Cologne – and a few of their own, too. For Carnival or any other time of the year, there are few people better to have by your side than one of our amazing ladies.

Cologne is a very special city, and it’s only right that you should enjoy it with a very special companion. At Krypton Escort our aim is to introduce you to an escort who’ll take a good visit and make it perfect. If you want to experience Cologne’s unique culture in its full richness one of our girls makes a superlative hostess; if you’re visiting for work she will brighten the hours after business is done for the day. Does that sound just what you’re looking for? Then scroll up to the gallery and start getting to know our Cologne-based escorts. We’re sure you’ll find just the lady you’re looking for.

Eight great things to do in Cologne

There’s a lot to do in Cologne and rarely enough time to do it all. That’s where a smart lady companion with local knowledge is a huge help. There are all sorts of reasons why you’ll enjoy yourself more with a Krypton escort! Here are some suggested activities:

  • Cologne Cathedral
    The largest Gothic church in Northern Europe, the cathedral has been one of Cologne’s most spectacular landmarks since the 14th century – although it wasn’t completed until 1880. It’s so big that there’s almost always work going on somewhere; locals call it “The eternal building site”. Don’t miss this stunning building, and enjoy it in the company of one of our escorts.
  • The Cologne Philharmonic
    If classical music is your thing Cologne’s world-renowned Philharmonic will be an unforgettable experience. Spending an evening listening to these sublime musicians in the company of an attractive, charming companion can’t fail to be a pleasure.
  • The Chocolate Museum
    At Carnival parades there’s no shortage of sweet treats being thrown to the crowd – but if you’re not there for Carnival, don’t worry. Cologne’s chocolate museum lets you indulge yourself all year round. Chocolate is a classic sensual pleasure, and maybe just a little bit sinful, but we always find that just makes it even more enjoyable.
  • The Cologne Ring
    Six kilometres of lively boulevards encircle the centre of Cologne. For the city’s businessmen it’s a vital part of the transport network; for everyone else it’s one of the most varied and fun parts of the city. Dotted with parks, leafy avenues and the nightlife hub of the Hohenzollern Ring, let one of our charming students guide you through its many pleasures.
  • The Köln Turm
    The second highest building in the city, the Cologne Tower is first in line when it comes to getting a great view. On the 30th floor there’s a terrace giving a 360 degree panorama of Cologne – and there’s also a highly rated restaurant, so you and your escort for the evening can enjoy a fine meal in spectacular surroundings.
  • The Hohenzollern Bridge
    The busiest rail bridge in Germany, this imposing iron structure also has pedestrian walkways that lets you stroll above the city’s living artery, the Rhine. It’s become a custom for young couples to write their names on a padlock and snap it to the railings, but if you’re enjoying the company of one of Krypton Escort’s delightful ladies you can enjoy the view without any tacky shows of commitment.
  • Botanical Garden
    Flora und Botanischer Garten Köln is a city-owned botanical garden that boasts more than 10,000 different species of plants. Wander through a delightful variety of scenes, from formal English gardens to a cactus house, tropical greenhouse and naturalistic environments. Of course such a beautiful place is best enjoyed with a beautiful companion!
  • Museums
    Cologne has a rich selection of museums, and some of our escorts would love to wander round them with you and introduce you to the city’s ancient and fascinating culture. Whether it’s the Roman-Germanic Museum, the Ludwig museum of modern art or the Farina fragrance museum where Eau de Cologne was created, if you’d like to experience them with a charming and intelligent escort we can introduce you to the perfect companion.

Top Cologne Hotels

Make your visit to Cologne even better by picking the right hotel. There’s a wide selection to choose from, but we’d like to recommend a couple of our favourites. Either of these makes the perfect choice, giving you a comfortable base to explore the city from and a luxurious place to relax or enjoy yourself between times.

  • Hyatt Regency Hotel

    Hyatt Regency

    The Hyatt Regency is a luxurious hotel conveniently located on the right bank of the Rhine, and within easy walking distance of the cathedral and many other attractions. It’s also a popular destination for business travellers thanks to its proximity to trade fair venues. The Hyatt Regency makes for a great place to stay, and also a great place to entertain; its bars and restaurants are favourites with locals as well as visitors, offering a great selection of food and drinks – including premium Kölsch, of course – and you’ll have your comfortable room available if you want to enjoy a couple of hours of naughtiness.
    Kennedy-Ufer 2a
    Tel: +49 (0) 221 8281234
  • Savoy Hotel


    Tasteful and luxurious, the Savoy is a firm favourite with many visitors to Cologne. It’s small but opulent, and it gives easy access to the city centre and major attractions. The Savoy is perfect for an intimate break. Every room is decorated with a unique theme, and there’s a spa where you can pamper yourself – perhaps with a very special someone.
    Turiner Straße 9
    Tel: +49 221 16230

Cologne Dos and Don’ts

  • Don’t rely on taxis during Carnival – they’re extremely busy. Anywhere within the city centre you’ll be quicker walking, and you’ll probably have a lot more fun too.
  • Been to Carnival in Düsseldorf? You’ve probably heard the traditional festival greeting of “Helau!” Don’t use it in Cologne – it’s a Düsseldorf thing and won’t be warmly welcomed.
  • Don’t order Alt beer! Again this is a Düsseldorf tradition. In Cologne you should take the chance to enjoy the local Kölsch.