What is special about Krypton Escort?

We deal solely with students as escorts. A good escort lady has more than a great body. She is charming and articulate, both curious and open to new people and experiences. She can talk intelligently about serious issues, but has also preserved something light and can easily infect a man – with her ability to live in the now and fully enjoy the moment. Not many women have this magical mix that affects men so strongly and this makes these women good escorts. We from Krypton Escort made the experience that these properties are particularly strong among students. Enjoy the time with an escort student and make your own experiences.

Silver, gold and platinum - what does it mean?

The classification is based on the experience of the lady, on her conversational ability and the breadth of her services. New ladies often begin in the silver category and step up with increasing experience and satisfied customers to gold and platinum.
In addition, regional differences and differences are taken into account.

What services do the ladies offer?

Call or use our contact form to learn about our ladies. Do not hesitate to make a special request.

Tell me about the rates

The rates depend on the classification of the lady in silver / gold / platinum and the type of date. Dinner dates and private dates are possible.

Dinner Date means the lady accompanies you to a social or business event without intimacy.

Private dates include erotic services.

Overview of rates


Dinner Date: 2 Hours = 250 €, each additional + 100 €

Private Date: 2 Hours = 450 €, each additional + 150 €


Dinner Date: 2 Hours = 350 €, each additional Hour + 100 €

Private Date: 2 Hours = 550 €, each additional Hour + 200 €. From 5. Hour + 200 €


Dinner Date: 2 Hours = 350 €, each additional Hour + 100 €

Private Date: 2 Hours = 650 €, each additional Hour + 250 €. From 5. Hour + 250 €

How to pay?

We preserve the anonymity of our customers and commit ourselves to absolute discretion. Cash at the beginning of the date is the easiest way to ensure this. Please give the agreed amount, without being asked, in an unsealed envelope to the student escort.
Please understand that the lady checks the amount. This is normal, especially if it’s your first date between the two of you.
In addition, payment is possible at a neutral bank account. This is the preferred way if you do not want to carry so much cash with you or do not want the transfer of the money envelope to interfere with the special atmosphere between you and the lady.
Make sure we receive the money before the date.
For short-term bookings, we offer Paypal or Western Union. Ask us.

When is my lady available?

Call or use our contact form. The Escorts are independent students and thus have some tolerance in their schedule. The sooner you make the date, the greater the chance that it will work as desired.

Can you realize wishes for special clothing?

Express your wishes in advance. If you are after a specific or unusual item of clothing that does not belong in the wardrobe of the lady, we will take care of the procurement. If you are not a regular customer, we need the payment for this special clothing in advance.

How do you handle cancellation of dates?

Most of our customers are men who have special responsibilities and obligations. If the cancellation is unavoidable, please inform us immediately.
As long as the lady has not yet made her way, there are no expenses. Otherwise, we calculate the travel expenses plus a flat rate payment of 100 €.

What if I do not get along with my lady?

Rarely, it happens that you find at the beginning of the date that there is not enough chemistry between the two of you.
In this case, it is advisable to politely express this fact and gracefully end the date early.
When you end the date early, you act like a gentleman and take care of her expenses.

We want your feedback

Feedback allows us to further improve our business and meet your needs even better. Express your criticism on the phone, by SMS or email. We will respond.

Krypton Escort is silent and discreet

The few details that we need to organize your dates are treated with the utmost discretion. We will contact you only if you want it.