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Clara, 28

Keep calm and love life
Eyes Blue
Hair Blonde
Height 175cm
Weight 59kg
Bra B natural
Dress 36
Origin German
Languages German , English
Interests Horses, Sport
Job Student
Cuisine Italian
Drinks Prosecco, Gin Tonic
Smoking No
Tattoo | Piercing No / No

I live outside. Therefore there is this travel fee: 60 EUR

What excites you about escort?

The excitement and the excitement of the unknown, to leave everyday life behind for a while and to immerse yourself in another world.

What does eroticism mean for you?

Erotic has something fleeting and shy, but she throws you around when she's there. The passion that can exist between two people, by being able to surrender unconditionally.

What is your lifeĀ“s philosophy?

Keep calm and love life

What do you still want to experience this year?

A trip to the Caribbean

What do your friends like about you the most?

My friendly and open nature

How does your perfect day look like?

Have plenty of time to celebrate with friends, have fun, eat well together and enjoy life.

What do you admire in other people?

Friendliness; Respect and a positive attitude towards life

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