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Freedom is very important to me. Taking action without having regrets. I am very honest, generous and spontaneous.
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Height 170cm
Weight 50kg
Bra GB/US 38C, EU 85C
Dress 34
Origin Western Europe
Languages French , English , Spanish
Interests Reading, Tennis, Surfing
Job Student
Cuisine Japanese, Italian
Drinks Orange Juice
Smoking Occasionally
Tattoo | Piercing Yes / Yes

What excites you about escort?

The most exiting point of being an escort is to meet educated and interesting people from all over the world and share a good conversation with a drink.

I love having the opportunity to travel to new places.

It is a kind of mix between having holidays with a new person, sharing this way of life and points of interest.

The intimate part is the other thing I like. It is the opportunity to enjoy your body experimenting new fantasies I never tried and let go your mind at the whim of carnal desires.

I love to be the object of desire to the person I am with. It is exciting not to know whom you will meet.

What does eroticism mean for you?

Sensuality, caresses, sweetness and being sexy are the most important erotic treats to me.

A kiss or a caress can be the most erotic things in different situation.

The game of love is interesting because it creates the desire in all people. Creative and spontaneous behavior bring even more spice.

What is your life´s philosophy?

Freedom is very important to me. Taking action without having regrets. I am very honest, generous and spontaneous.

What would you like to experience this year?

I like simple and natural things. I take all experiences as a good point but never expect something in particular. I would like to keep traveling as I did for long time because it makes be richer in experience.

What do your friends like about you the most?

I think I am the kind of person who can listen to other people for a long time and I have a lot of empathy. My friends appreciate my honesty, my natural and relaxed personality.

How does your perfect day look like?

My perfect day would be awake in a nice place with view to the beach. After a good breakfast I go running or swimming and chill with a nice person having a good conversation about everything and nothing in the meantime. Actually, it is what I almost all the time do in my holidays.

What do you admire in other people?

I admire people with a good temper, calm and patient persons. Very active people, who never stop to have ideas and wishes. Persons who do and say what they think. Sophistication, education and charisma are strengths in my opinion.

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