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Das Bewusstsein eines erfüllten Lebens und die Erinnerung an viele gute Stunden sind das größte Glück auf Erden.
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Height 167cm
Weight 50kg
Bra EU 70A, GB/US 32A natural
Dress 34
Origin German
Languages German , English , Spanish
Interests Art, Music and Cooking
Job Student
Cuisine German
Drinks White Wine
Smoking Yes
Tattoo | Piercing Yes / No

What excites you about escort?

I’m always looking for the new and the unknown.

When I imagine to meet an unknown man with whom I drink something or eat, get to know each other more closely and flirt to then realize in his hotel room common fantasies.That’s when the adventurous takes me and I am full of adrenaline and lucky fantasize.

What does eroticism mean for you?

For me, eroticism means slowing the other with respect and patience. But that's not all, Eroticism, in all of its forms is not about a sexual act, in-general, it was something different. It is about an interpretation. Moreover, it's about an anticipation.

What is your philosophy of life?

A day without laughing is a completely wasted day

What do your friends like about you the most?

I bring joy and laughter into the world, not only within my circle of friends. If I am happy, almost nothing can spoil my day.

And this positive attitude is my fellow human beings. With me you always have fun, just everywhere!

I have an open ear for everyone around the clock and take the concerns of my loved ones very seriously. They love me because they feel secure with me and do not have to be afraid to wear a mask.

How does your perfect day look like?

Be awake by sea noise under palm trees, and start the day refreshingly unpredictable.

A person who inspires you

Marlene Dietrich, Frida Kahlo.

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