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Rachel, 25

Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Height 175cm
Weight 63kg
Bra B natural
Dress 36
Origin German
Languages German , English , Spanish
Interests Wellness, Music, Dancing, Travel
Job Student
Cuisine Italian, Indian, German
Drinks Alcohol Free
Smoking Occasionally
Tattoo | Piercing Yes / Yes

What excites you about escort?

The thing that excites me about escort is the unexpected. Two absolute strangers meet each other with one common aim: to spend a few unforgettable hours with each other. Its all about us. The tension i feel while we talk about our expectations gives me goose-pimples. I get a feeling of satisfaction by making someone happier than anyone else could.

What does eroticism mean to you?

Eroticism to me means passion, sensuality and completely indulging in the moment of course enjoying each other and having fun. From the eye contact when we first meet to the secret imaginations of what we could/will be doing in a hotel room.

What is your Philosophy of life?

Everything happens for a reason.

It could be so simple if sometimes we allow things to just happen and embrace them with a welcoming smile on our faces. Its life and we need to enjoy the beauty of the moment.

What does your friends like about you the most?

The things my friends like most about me is that im very honest to them and they like my spontaneous sense for adventure. Plus im always positive about new challenges so I catch them with euphoria and a big grin.

If my friends need me I'm there for them-wrong or right. I get pleasure from helping others.

How does ur perfect day look like?

My perfect day looks like me waking up in an exotic location. After a full pleasure breakfast a more fully more exciting time and not of everyday activities waits for me.

A Person Who inspires you?

Every single one inspires me woo have dreams and pursues aims and not surrenders till they reach it.

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